Monday, March 16, 2009

Banned From the Garden of Eden

Okay, not really. But I have been banned from TheWoodsofJordan, whose video on homosexuality I discussed yesterday. Yesterday, I said I didn’t really want to trash him. Today is another day.

So, today he uploaded a video to all YouTube atheists. I watched it because I am, after all, one of YouTube’s atheists. In this video, he accused all atheists of really believing in God, but we prefer living our wicked lives and we just say we’re atheists. Now, if one really does believe in God and his wrath and his tendency to send sinners to a burning pit for all eternity, do you think that one would really deny He Who Must Be Adored At All Times? I don’t think so.

Jordan (let’s call him that ‘cause its shorter) then accused all of YouTube’s atheists of going around rating Christians’ videos with 1 star, without watching them, and then leaving hate-filled and angry comments on the videos. I’m not going to say that there aren’t some atheists who do this, but I know I’m not one of them. Jordan then, for all intents and purposes, dared atheists to NOT give him a 1-star rating. This video was really all about his ratings and that was all he was whining about when he responded to people’s comments. And this after just uploading another video in which he told everyone that nothing, and he meant nothing, should come before God. Well, clearly, dear Jordan has placed his ratings above God.

He also asked us why his videos would bother us. He is only providing his beliefs after all. Can’t we all just get along? (He actually said that.) Well, apparently, we can’t all just get along because I was banned for leaving a comment. It wasn’t hate-filled and it wasn’t angry. I admit I said I was getting somewhat pissed off with him, but that’s hardly angry. My comment was:

“The first of your videos I've ever watched was Homosexuality is a Sin and I am fairly sure that I didn't rate it at all. So, that theory of yours is shot. In fact, I thought you were a rather peaceful guy. Now, however, after continually ignoring my legitimate question regarding proof, I'm kind of pissed off with you, but I still haven't rated your videos. Now, you claim to know the minds of atheists better than we do. No, I don't know there is a God and neither do you; otherwise you'd prove it.”

To which he responded:

“It's a 3 star average, that means quite a few atheists have rated it 1 thus far, proving my point.”

So you see, he ignored everything else I said and focused on the rating, even though I had told him I had not rated his videos. Oh, God is going to be so angry at Jordan for putting his ratings above Him. Better pray extra-hard tonight, dear boy. You’re staring damnation in the face.

I then tried to post a response, which was:

"Did you even read what I wrote? This video was addressed to all YouTube atheists. That includes me. I said I have not rated your videos, so your point has been falsified. Not all atheists do what you are accusing them of. You ask how is speaking of your beliefs affecting me. Well, you've called me an abomination and a sinner, which I disagree with. You've also accused me of rating Christian videos and commenting out of hatred. You're wrong and you can't even acknowledge that."

But, alas, I had been banned.

What is it with these Christians that they can’t handle any kind of dissent or disagreement? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. It seems fine to them that they can accuse others of being sinners, abominations, dishonest, hate-filled, etc. etc. But try to defend yourself and you’re banned. Something seems familiar about this situation. What could it be? Oh yeah. The Garden of Eden. They’re acting like God when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Ya can’t get too smart, ya know, asking questions ‘n all. I’ve been unceremoniously chucked by a God-wannabe-thingie. Oh well, I’d rather have the knowledge. Apple anyone?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry - it is flattering to be banned by one of these jesus freaks. You were "tolerated" for a record length of time, it appears.

I agree that the categorical statements, which are *so loved* by religionists, are easily refuted. Categorical statements are a sure sign of black-and-white non-thinking, and so is emotionality.

I think that atheists probably do watch a little, feel nauseous, and rate religionist trash with one star. Ratings tend to be inverseley proportional to need for gravol.

They should not worry - they busily rate our videos down.

God will forgive Woodsy for putting ratings above God. After all, these people believe that lying for God gets them brownie points for that much needed salvation.

It is the battle of the apple eaters versus the, er, other eaters.

Keep up the good work!

Oriented x4 said...

I hate to be mean, but by the looks of Woodsy, he's been eating a lot of that other stuff. It's given him a nice rosy complexion though.

I think they busily rate down atheists' videos far more than atheists rate down theirs. Half the time, you can't rate religionists' videos at all because they've disabled their ratings. Too afraid of the vote-bots coming back to bite them, I guess.