Thursday, February 12, 2009

Christian Refuses to Post Refutation Comment

On YouTube, TheJarredJammer posted a video entitled "BREAKING NEWS - Intelligent Design Wins" The content of the video is irrelevant here, but I noticed that NephilimFree had left one of his totally inaccurate comments in which he stated the following:

I've seen a brain surgeon say it's 01^950. Either way, it destroys evolutionism [His word, not mine.]
Also 80% of the protiens [his spelling, not mine] in humans are NOT found in apes.

I wanted to post the following, which I got from Biomedicine

"Chimps and people share almost 99 percent of the non-duplicated sequences of their genomes; their proteins are virtually identical; and there are very few rearrangements that distinguish ape-human chromosomes."

Well, TheJarredJammer has his comments on moderation and, lo and behold, my comment has not been put through.

I thought these religious people are supposed to be honest. I guess honesty is in the eye of the beholder. If it doesn't fit within their framework of non-facts, it doesn't get posted.

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