Monday, February 9, 2009

A Self Challenge for Evolutionists

NephilimFree is one of the most boring creationists on YouTube. He claims to have been an atheist at one time, but after researching and studying lots of information, he came to the conclusion that only the Christian God could have created the universe. But that’s another story for another time.

In this particular video, entitled “A Self Challenge for Evolutionists,” NephilimFree begins by stating, “So, you believe in evolution. Right? You believe that science provides evidence of evolution. You believe that evolutionist scientists or those people who put forth this evidence, and that the evidence they put forth is correct, it’s accurate, and it describes this world. You believe they’re trustworthy. You believe they’re honest. You believe what they say. This is why you believe in evolution? Is it? Is it because of science? Is it because of evidence in science? Is it because you believe that evolutionist scientists are honest? I have a challenge for you. It requires only that you examine what you believe and see if you truly do believe it. And why, why do you believe it? I’m going to show you a little video clip.” NephilimFree then blithers on, repeating the same thing for minutes. Then he asks, “If I could show you evidence, proof positive, that what you’re told about this creature, afarensis [Lucy], is forgery, academic fraud, and hoaxery [his word, not mine], would you still believe that it’s an ancestor of human beings? And how would this effect what you think is evidence for evolution in other fields of science? How much of that evidence that you believe in, you put your faith in, would you still consider to be scientific or factual? Be honest with yourself. If you can’t be honest with yourself ever again the rest of your life, be honest with yourself when you watch this because many of you are going to be picking your jaws up off the floor. I promise you.” More blither for minutes. I’m beginning to shout, “just show me the video already!”

Now, we finally get to it. And it’s a video from, which is the first clue that I’m not going to pass NephilimFree’s challenge. Or maybe I’ll pass, but good ol’ boring Neph is the one who failed. So, I tell myself to keep an open mind. You never know what might happen. The video is about Lucy’s hip and the fact that the hip is wrong for a bipedal creature. I find myself watching a video within a video within a video. Neph’s video includes a video of a presentation of Lucy’s hip in which they show a video of Dr. Owen Lovejoy explaining why Lucy’s hip is wrong. He explains that the hip had been broken in many pieces but, during the fossilization process, the hip fused together incorrectly. Many titters from the answersingenesis’ audience. Lovejoy then goes on to explain that, with the hip the way it was, it could not have moved as an ape or a human. Logic should tell this audience and Neph that this means the hip is in incorrect alignment. But no, they just think it’s funny and believe that Lovejoy is simply trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Lovejoy makes a copy, in plaster, of the hip and then reams the edges down with a power sander, which answersingenesis claims to be a power saw. More titters from the audience. He then puts the plaster hip together in the way the pieces would have been had the bones not been broken. It becomes more of a human hip. Titter, guffaw!!

Well, I asked myself, is my faith in science and evolution shattered? Neph said it would be. Maybe I’ll do some more research before I give up my sanity and move over to the creationist’s side. And here’s what I found:

This article explains, in full, the problem with Lucy’s hip and how it was solved. Pictures, diagrams, and everything.

Since I couldn’t put a comment on Neph’s video (he’s disabled that), I sent him a personal message stating that I had taken the challenge and I wasn’t convinced of his proof. I provided him with the above URL but, alas, I heard nothing in return. Didn’t think I would.

Neph, my boring friend, if you want to convince an evolutionist, you’re going to have to come up with something that isn’t from a creationist website. Your claim is that scientists distort the facts to match their hypotheses, yet from what you’ve shown in this video, it is the creationists who clearly distorted the facts.

Oh, and one more thing, Neph. If you are going to continue making such long videos showing only your face, you really need to liven up some. You've got a face like a wet weekend. It's depressing.

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