Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is Gay a Gift From God?

According to EPP706 on YouTube, the answer is no. EPP is right, but for the wrong reason. There is no God. Being gay cannot be a gift from something that does not exist. However, let’s examine EPP’s reasoning, shall we?

EPP heads straight (excuse the pun) to the Bible verses that state that homosexuality is an abomination. But wait, she then states that “everyone that is born is truly a gift from God.” Hmm, maybe she thinks gays are hatched? No, she then states “What an individual does and the choices that he or she makes, now, that’s another story. That’s a whole totally different thing.” Here comes the best part, “If gay is a gift from God, then I look at it like this – murderers, rapists, molesters, robbers, thieves, they are gifts from God too. All of these individuals have one thing in common, and that is choice. All of these individuals also have another thing in common, and that is that they are being controlled by evil, demonic, diabolical spirits. Well, people who are gay chose to be gay. They chose to be gay. And some will debate me on that and say, oh, they were born that way. I don’t believe that. I never have and I never will. No little baby comes into this world saying I’m going to be gay when I grow up.” 

Well, there are a number of problems that I can see here. 

1. Everyone is a gift from God, but only if one doesn’t choose that which EPP does not agree. I mean, according to the Bible, God thought many things were abominations, but I bet you EPP wears leather and clothes woven with more than one type of fiber. She’s probably against slavery, which God and Jesus condoned. 

2. Providing no proof at all, EPP opines that being gay is a choice, and she will never waiver on this. How very open-minded of her. 

3. Gays, who harm no one, are no different than murderers, rapists, molesters, and thieves, who do harm others. Does anyone else find this as offensive as I do? 

4. There are no evil, demonic, diabolical spirits, just like there is no God. There are, however, evil diabolical people. Some religious people come to mind – not all, but some. 

5. Gay people can tell EPP what it is like to be gay. They can explain that they were born that way. Apparently, EPP knows better. She knows it’s a choice. She offers no proof though. 

6. “No little baby comes into this world saying I’m going to be gay when I grow up.” Well, they wouldn’t, would they? That would make it a choice on their part, which it isn’t. Basically, by trying to be smart, EPP tripped over her own thoughts. 

Okay, basically, I responded in EPP’s comment section as best I could within the 500 characters allowed, but I’ve received no response. No surprises there. I finally looked back at the previous comments and found the following comments by EPP706:

“Homosexuality is not natural. Sodomy is not natural. The rectum was not made for a penis to enter, only for waste to exit. That in itself is enough to know that it is not natural. 
I'm not hear to prove anything only to speak the truth. There is a big difference in people loving others and then people engaging in sexual behavior that is simply not natural.” 

I guess no one told EPP that heterosexuals can also perform sodomy and that gays can do other things than sodomy. And does this mean that lesbianism is okay? It’s not really possible to perform sodomy unless they use a contraption of some sort, which I don’t think most do. I could be wrong here. I’m sure EPP will educate me with her vast knowledge on the subject, if she ever reads this. Also note, she’s not hear [sic] to prove anything, only to speak the truth. How does she know the truth without actually researching anything beyond the Bible? 

In response to someone stating: Can you not see your bigotry here? No one chooses to be born gay, no one chooses to be born Black, and neither category says anything about a person's character. But racists and homophobes both use the Bible to prove that gays and Blacks are bad, as they did with slavery.

EPP wrote: “Please, don't compare being born black to being born gay, there is NO comparison. Being Gay is definitely NOT the new black and I am appalled that people have the audacity to compare being born black to being gay. I did not choose to be black and I could never change my skin color, even if I tried, it is in my DNA, but a gay person can always change and turn from the homosexual lifestyle. Enough said! 

She’s appalled, ladies and gentlemen, at the audacity of the questioner to compare being born gay to being born black. However, EPP is quite comfortable in equating gays to murderers, rapists, molesters, and thieves. I so love the hypocrisy of it! Pot, kettle, black (no pun intended). 

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love those puns!

EPP – or should we call her inEPPt? – appears to be proof positive that reading the Bible is bad for one's rationality.

It is remotely possible that I am doing inEPPt an injustice with that assumption. Perhaps she actually comes up with some arguments, somewhere else, that are not packed with fallacies of logic. I rather doubt it, though.

She’s certainly toeing the party line on the “homosexuality is a choice” myth. Homophobes do this in order to reserve some fudge room in order to condemn people for the way that they born. They cling to this convenient myth in face of ample scientific evidence that indicates that homosexuality is a natural, inborn trait.

(It is also found in other species –
inEPPt might also claim that those rams, e.t.c, are making a deliberate choice.)

It's no surprise that those who are dogmatically deluded have a knack for denying scientific facts. "God" loves science-deniers because he flunked science.