Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama Thanks Satan – Strange, but True! – according to LuvWorkingAtHome

Oh my goodness, it’s “Paul is dead” all over again. For those who are old enough, remember the rumors about playing a particular Beatles' song backwards and hearing that Paul was dead? Well, here we go again! Only now, the theory goes that Barack Obama is a satan worshipper and, if you play his “Yes we can” speeches backwards, he is clearly saying “Thank you satan.”

LuvWorkingAtHome, who has disabled her comment section on YouTube and also refuses to respond to anyone who doesn’t agree with her, has a new video out that demonstrates the evilness of Obama, according to her. She has taken a couple of videos in which he says “Yes we can” and recorded them with her Windows Sound Recorder. Then she plays them in reverse so we all can hear the devil worship, “Thank you satan” coming from Obama’s mouth.

Now, here’s the thing. If she would look at this situation logically, which is an impossibility for Luv, she’d realize that you cannot get “Thank you satan” from the reverse sounds of “Yes we can.” Backwards, it becomes “nac ew sey” by just spelling alone. Now, let’s add the pronunciation.

“Nac” is pronounced just as you see it. In some places in the video, “can” is extended a little, so it’s comes out “caaan” or, in reverse, “naaac.” “We” does sound like “you” in reverse. The word “yes” is a little problematic in that it does sound like “ee-yes,” particularly in the videos that Luv has chosen. So, backwards, it sounds like “sey-ee.” Altogether, we’ve got “Nac you seyee” or “Naaac you seyee.” Without looking at Luv’s cues that popped up everytime the suspect phrase is uttered, I simply heard “Nac you seyee,” which is a far cry from “Thank you satan.” You have to really want to hear “Thank you satan” in order to hear it.

I’m not sure why Luv dislikes Obama so much. My working theory is that he’s more popular than Jesus is right now and she can’t deal with that. Hence, Obama must be in league with the devil. Oh well - Long live Paul! Long live Obama! Yes we can! And nac you seyee! Hmm, isn’t that some form of Elvish?


Anonymous said...

Bah-buw's probably like many nasty, brainwashed "Christians" who despise and distrust anything liberal.

After all, like is attracted to like, so right-wing fundamentalist bigots like other right-wing fundamentalist bigots.

These are the people who have no innate sense of morality, and must rely instead on narrow-minded moralistics as laid out by ancient Israeli bigots.

Bah-buw undoubtedly comforts herself with the thought that anyone who disagrees with her prejudiced opinions is doomed to burn in hell for all eternity. So she vents her spleen before, as an afterthought, claiming that this is done for the good of anyone who has the temerity to have a liberal opinion.

God Bless.

Oriented x4 said...

I've watched a number of Luv's videos now. I've never been given the impression that she is doing this for the good of anyone. Luv just seems full of hate for anyone who doesn't think like her. She oozes not just dislike of others, but real hatred. It's a little frightening actually, but the really scary part is that there are so many just like her or, in fact, worse than her.

Anonymous said...

I did not express that very well.

I think that most of these religionist bigots vent their hatreds and then, as an afterthought, try to cover up their nastiness by pretending that they are concerned for the "sinner". It's a face-saving ploy, just as "God Bless" is a face-saving ploy after gleefully screeching, "You're going to burn in hell for all eternity!"

They are all stuck at the Reward and Punishment stage of morality. Very unevolved creatures.

In reality, they are obsessed with "evil", Satan, "sinning", "abominations", retribution and vengeance, punishment, control, and self-interest.

You have my CAD video embedded here (thanks, btw) and that was intended to describe the Bah-buws of the world.

Oriented x4 said...

No, I understood that that was what you were saying and I agree with you regarding most fundies. But Luv does not seem concerned about others at all. She's sincerely hoping for the rapture to happen and she thinks she'll be one of the lucky ones, and to hell (literally) with the rest of us. If there is a God (which there isn't), I doubt She would want people like Luv around. Too hate filled!