Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why is Obama Evil? I Really Want to Know

A couple of months ago, I came across this video entitled “Obama Is Not For God, He Is Not Chosen Of God” by LuvWorkingAtHome. I'm not going to link to it because, well, quite frankly, it would disgust me that I provided her site with traffic. The picture showing for this video was Hitler, which intrigued me. I have never been an Obama fan (Hillary supporter here), but I’ve never considered him anything like Hitler. Being curious, I watched the video. Luv claims to have made the video because so many people were writing to her and saying that God chose Obama as president and, therefore, nobody should say anything against him. Here are Luv’s assertions:

1. Luv disagrees that “God elected Barack Hussein Obama. The ones who elected him are wicked people, ignorant people, and phony Christians.”

2. “I don’t think that Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to be president because he is not a natural born citizen.”

3.”Barack Hussein Obama is an evil wicked man. He is for the things that God said is an abomination. He is for the shedding of innocent blood, for abortion. He is for homosexual rights and homosexual marriages.”

4. “God has a permissive will in which he will allow us to make choices. He is not going to force us to choose good or force us to choose evil. He has given us a free will.” She then quotes some verse from the bible that the Lord is “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” She then goes on “It’s not His will that people should go to hell, but they’re going, and He didn’t do it.”

5. “I think a lot of people should be careful of what they try to blame on God.”

6. Then she shoots up a picture of Hitler and asks, “Are we not supposed to oppose a Nazi Germany or a Adolf Hitler or a communist murderer like Joseph Stalin?”

Okay, so I’m not curious any more. Now I’m angry. Since she has disabled any comments from being placed on her video, I sent her a personal message. I don’t think I was mean about it. I asked for clarification on some points. My message:

First off, I'd like to state that I'm not an Obama fan, but neither was I a McCain fan. Having said that, I'm curious as to how you can equate Obama with Hitler and Stalin. He is nothing like them. How is Obama evil and wicked? Personally, I think he's all talk and no substance, but that doesn't make him evil or wicked.

What proof do you have that only wicked, ignorant, and phony Christians voted for Obama? Since he got the majority of the votes, are you saying that the majority of Americans are not good people?

Also, where are you getting this fact that Obama is not a natural born citizen? He was born in Hawaii and that is a state of the U.S., is it not? And why do you constantly refer to him by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama? Are you trying to emphasize the "Hussein" part? For what purpose?

I know you can say what you like in your videos within the guidelines of Youtube, but your videos would go a lot further if you backed up your assertions with some proof. You advocate questioning leaders and I agree with you on that, but when you make videos to educate people, you are acting as a leader to some extent. How are people to question you if you prevent comments from being posted on your videos? You seem to have strong convictions and I'm sure you feel you can back them up, so why not allow some discussion to take place. More education happens with two-way discussion than a lecture, wouldn't you agree? I do realize that there are a lot of trolls out there ready to trash any video that gets posted, which may be your reason, but learning by discussion is far more important that worrying about the trolls. They can always be ignored.

Thanks for the video. I don't really agree with much of what you've said, but you made me think nonetheless. I hope you will be good enough to respond to my above questions. I'm always curious about people's thoughts, ideas, and feelings. :)

And did I get a response? Of course not. She hasn’t got the gumption to back up her assertions. Oh it’s easy to say that Obama is evil and wicked and Hitler-like, etc., but proof is a far more difficult thing to provide. It’s easy to say that Obama is not a natural born citizen, but far harder to back it up.

After watching this video again, I have some further questions and concerns. Why is abortion so wrong, but it was okay for God to kill innocent people when it suited him? Does that strike anybody as a loving God? Where does it say in the Bible that abortion is a sin? Actually, abortion is never mentioned in the Bible, yet there are some verses that Christians try to interpret as being about abortion.

If Luv is going to pick out from the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination, I certainly hope that she never wears pants or her husband’s shirts (wearing the clothes of the opposite sex is an abomination). I hope she never eats shellfish (eating seafood that does not have scales is an abomination). Luv better not eat any rare meat (eating meat that still has blood is an abomination). And I certainly hope that she doesn’t ever wear clothes with blended materials (another abomination!).

I’m not even going to go into the free will crap!! Suffice it to say that if God wanted us to always be good, He shouldn’t have created evil. He was responsible for the creation of everything, was He not? It’s like putting a candy in a child’s playpen and demanding that he not touch it. Of course the kid is going to touch it.

God is a man-made creation, not the other way around. When Luv proclaims that people should be careful what they blame on God, I think that holds for the religious people as well. Luv, you use God to instill your hatred. You use God to hate homosexuals. You use God to hate whatever is not of your desires. I get that you don’t like Obama. That’s fine. But this video is nothing but hate-spewing garbage that you cannot back up with facts. Using an ancient book, written by man, is not proof of anything except your lack of logical thought processes.


Annie Ladysmith said...

i like Luv, i enjoy reading her ideas. All i can tell you about Obama is my own experience. When he was a senator and 60 min. did a slot on him, from the second i laid eyes on him i knew he was evil. i have talked to other Christians over the year and a LOT of them say the same thing. He just gave me the creeps from the second i saw him. Do we have a spiritual sense of good and evil? i know children do, and it can preserve their life. Anyway, love to talk more on this and i appreciate your inquiring mind.

Oriented x4 said...

Thanks for your comments, Annie. I understand that different people see different things in the same person. However, I think we see what we look for. Personally, I don't believe evil really exists. It is a biblical concept -- not in reality. Yes, there are people who do bad things, but there are usually psychological reasons for that.

What is it specifically about Obama that makes you think he is evil? Just saying that you see it doesn't make it so. What has he done so far that makes you think he is evil?

I don't think children do have a spiritual sense of good and evil. Children have to be taught what is right and what is wrong. Children are actually too trusting of others, which is why they end up in disastrous situations at times.

As for Luv, well, the less said the better. Sorry.